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TPWR fokussiert sich auf die Ladeinfrastruktur der einzelne Nutzer und ist dabei individueller System Lösungspartner mit Fokus auf Rentabilität des einzelnen.

Flexibles, einfaches Laden sollte “zu Hause” für “Jeden” Möglich sein. Und wenn es nicht direkt am Eigenen Zuhause funktioniert, sollte der Nachbar mit Ladelösung in der Nähe sein.

Der aktuelle Ausbau Fortschritt in Deutschland ist geprägt von unterschiedlichen “Öffentlichen Anbieter” wobei der Strompreis immer Teurer sein wird als wenn der Nachbar seine Ladestation anbietet.

Sogar mit 100% Regenerative Energie Lieferanten, kann das Auto tanken kostengünstiger sein als an Öffentliche Stationen.

TPWR Eigene Ladestation

Langfristig gehen wir davon aus, dass…

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ThePowerSolution (TPWR)

TPWR focuses on the charging infrastructure of the individual user and is an individual system solution partner with a focus on the profitability of the individual.

Flexible, simple charging should be possible “at home” for “everyone”. And if it doesn’t work directly at home, the neighbour with a charging solution should be nearby.

The current expansion progress in Germany is characterised by different “public suppliers”, whereby the electricity price will always be more expensive than if the neighbour offers his charging station.

Even with 100% renewable energy suppliers, it can be cheaper to fill up the car than at public stations.

TPWR Puplic Station

In the long run we assume that “Public Charging Stations” will only be attractive if the Amortized prices are combined with other…

There are two aspects of a project that every user needs to understand before testing the waters. These pertain to the solution provided by the platform and the accessibility supplied to the users with the help of coin.

This entire project’s core idea is helping users realize that they can become an energy supplier and start earning by selling electricity. Enabling every user to become an electricity supplier will reduce the need for dedicated electric vehicle charging stations and help the users earn passive income.

Decentralization of the power distribution is the mission of this project. After foreseeing a future…

The future of automobile and mobility is poised for a major overhaul over the next decade with electric vehicles dominating the market. Tesla’s massive growth over the last year is a major indicator that the demand for electric vehicles is surging like never before.

Although the market is ripe for electric vehicles to dominate the automobile sector, a major push is required to simultaneously develop the electric charging infrastructure and make it more efficient.

While big automobile giants continue to expand their charging infrastructure and services, we are still far away from catering to the market requirements in the case…

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E-Mobility and Blockchain-powered Electric Charging Solutions

Electric vehicles are widely considered as the present and future of mobility. From Tesla’s cutting edge lightning-fast vehicles to electric-powered buses and trains, e-mobility is changing transportation unlike any other technology for the good of the environment. It also enables even faster commutes. One doesn’t need to own an electric to understand the importance of the project or eventually benefit from it as everything is expected to go electric in one form or another in the near future.

However, one nagging issue that remains with electric vehicles is the lack of effective electric charging infrastructure and its cost efficiency. While…

The Power Solution (TPWR)


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